An uncomfortable question?

So, what do you do_Hell yes.

“So what do you do?”

I struggle to comfortably answer that question. Why? My response never goes like this, “I work in <insert tidy one word occupation>.

Done. Move on.

I usually just say I work in Comms. Which is true. But, my week is made up of 3 things, not 1. I teach and choreograph dance for 3, I work in Comms, and I’m a Trainee Counsellor.

At a wedding recently, I was asked this question a couple of times. James stepped in to finish my sentence on one occasion: “Yeah, AND you’re a teacher.”

I looked sheepish. He was right. Why do I fall short of the full description? There’s no need.

For anyone pursuing a semi-freelance way of working, I strongly recommend @emmagannonuk‘s #TheMultiHyphenMethod. She’s a hugely positive role model for me.

My approach to work life isn’t the norm (yet) and I constantly worry I’ll be branded a ‘Jack of all blah blah…”

But I need to shake this off. Being able to secure work in multiple areas is a real strength and a bloody hard lifestyle, but it works for me, and it’s a very personal choice. I just need to start ‘owning it all’ a little bit better.

Does this resonate with you? Have you ever doubted a life/career decision? Despite the fact you know that it’s right for you?

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