…and how you can help

Think about it…

Over the the course of your lifetime, you can expect to spend a lot of dollar on sanitary products. And according to the Huffington Post, this could be in the region of £20,000.

Back in March 2017, I listened to pretty distressing Woman’s Hour podcast covering the issue of #periodpoverty. It was distressing because a big chunk of the recording comprised of the voices two young girls from Leeds who had endured a life without san pro for three whole years.

The consequences are humiliating.

In the podcast, Monica Lennon MSP, Labour’s inequalities spokeswoman spoke about a food bank in the Paisley area. Lennon mentioned that the volunteers reported a real sense of embarrassment from older users of the food bank who desperately needed san pro, but felt embarrassed about disclosing their needs.Monica also spoke about those in homeless shelters and victims of domestic abuse. An abuser may choose to withhold money to pay for san pro, or withhold the products themselves as a way to control and humiliate their partner.

Yesterday the Scottish government launched a groundbreaking initiative which will see free tampons and pads being distributed to seven regeneration areas in Aberdeen.

Lennon is pleased about the scheme, but said it needs to go further. There are plans to launch a consultation on a proposed Members’ Bill which will give all women in Scotland the right to access these products for free, regardless of their income.

So in the meantime, what can you and I do to play a small part in reducing #periodpoverty?

Please consider donating san pro to your local food bank. The Trussell Trust have banks across the UK – find your nearest here. And if you can’t get to one, you can make a donation by phone, post, or cheque.

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